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Perfect Pizza Academy Naples

learn the secrets of pizza.

The Perfect Pizza Academy in Naples was founded with the express purpose to give value to the pizza maker figure. Travelling around the world, the chef Vincenzo Varlese has realised that it is not sufficiently appreciated, especially abroad, probably because of the differences in the culture and in the way of making this masterpiece of the Neapolitan cuisine. Our goal is the transmission of the know-how necessary to make the pizza perfect from the organoleptic point of view. You will learn the best methods of kneading, stretching, seasoning and baking a pizza as well as the techniques for leavening. We teach the traditional technologies and the latest methods from the professionals. Moreover, you will be given the notions fundamental for identifying the chemical-physical characteristics of the basic products and you will learn to recognise and take into account the qualitative differences between the various ingredients. Last but not least, trainee will face and learn to manage the most common issues related to the fieldwork in order to guarantee a thorough competence.

our corses

We offer four different courses, each one dedicated to a different style of pizza:

  • classic style – it is the most popular pizza, which is thin and well-cooked;
  • neapolitan style – it is the real Neapolitan way of making pizza, from the dough to the baking;
  • gourmet style – it is a very high-level pizza involving the local culinary traditions;
  • alternative style – it is based on usual and original combinations of ingrediente for a delightful taste.

Our courses consist in a four-week training, which is essentially based on practical lessons and includes also theory lessons aimed at acquiring the notions fundamental for the creation of high-quality pizza. At the end of the course, trainee will be provided with the qualification certificate of Pizza Chef.

first week

The programme features theoretical and practical lessons aimed at learning the traditional basic techniques involved in the profession of pizza maker.

Second week

It is focused on the advanced techniques for the dough stretching and the elaboration of indirect dough, which will be executed with different types of flour..

Third week

The trainees will apply the various techniques for preparing the ingredients, for seasoning and baking the pizzas.

fourth week

The trainees will create their own pizza, learning how to mix together the topping ingredients and balance their flavours.

join our courses

For further information about the courses held by the Perfect Pizza Academy in Naples come and visit us at Alessandro Manzoni Street No. 83/85. You can also call +39 081-645078 or send an e-mail to annalisasantamaria@hotmail.it

We look forward to your visit!