Training Courses for specialised pizza makers in Naples

Learn the art of making pizza

Making pizza is an art requiring enthusiasm and competence. Our training courses for specialised pizza makers are designed to offer a comprehensive knowledge and reveal the secrets for making perfect pizzas, taking care of every detail in each step, from kneading to baking. Trainee will learn not only the basic procedures, but also new techniques coming from master pizza chefs with experience of years in the field, and they will be followed step by step through the process of making an original creation that will take the author’s name.

our courses

We offer four different courses, each one dedicated to a different style of pizza and their characteristic dough and topping.

classic style pizza

The course is aimed at acquiring the skills for making a perfect pizza. The classic style is the most popular in Italy; the dough is prepared with oil and its content of moisture is medium.

neapolitan style pizza

It is the course about the real Neapolitan pizza, characterised by a type of dough prepared without oil and with a high content of moisture. Served almost raw, the final product is very different from the classic pizza.

gourmet style pizza

This course is based on learning to prepare pizza exclusively with fresh and seasonal products; the recipe contains fresh yeast and the preparation requires a long leavening period. Instead of being a single pizza on the plate, it is served by the slice and it goes with a fine wine or beer. All the ingredients must be strictly Italian and chosen from the traditional local gastronomy.

alternative style pizza

This course is intended for those who want to make original and creative pizzas. Trainees will learn how to mix different flavours and prepare unusual types of dough and toppings in order to find original delicious combinations of flavours.

the STRUcture of courses

Our courses are arranged along a four-week programme. Most lessons are practical but there is also a part dedicated to the theory in order to provide trainees with the notions fundamental for the creation of perfect and high-quality pizzas. Theoretical lessons are based on the chemical aspects of the ingredients, from the flour to the toppings, with a special focus on the quality. Practical lessons take place in a fully equipped workshop especially designed for our courses.

first week

The programme consists in theoretical and practical lessons on the basic techniques of the profession.

Second week

It is focused on the advanced techniques for stretching the dough and preparing it in the indirect way, with different types of flour. Students will be able to compare the various kinds of dough and learn the differences between them.

Third week

Lessons will be held by master instructors highly qualified and expert at preparing ingredients and sauces as well as at baking. In the same week, the students will begin to work types of dough with long maturation time, as required by the Italian Pizza Makers Association (API), and they will be able to verify the quality of this kind of pizza, which is also extremely digestible.

fourth week

In the last week, each student will have the opportunity to practice the preparation of his own creation. During the lessons, they will learn to mix the flavours of the topping ingredients, putting into practice the notions acquired in order to create their own personal combinations. The last day, students will support both theory and practice tests, consisting in making their own pizza.

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pizza -

classic style

This is the course for learning the secrets of the most popular pizza in Italy, which is thin and well-cooked and its dough is made with oil.

pizza -

neapolitan style

This is the course for learning to make the real Neapolitan pizza. It is served almost raw with raised rims and the consistency is soft.

pizza -

gourmet style

This is the course for the preparation of 100% Made-in-Italy pizza, from the types of flour to the high-quality ingredients, which must come from the surrounding territory and be strictly seasonal.

pizza -

alternative style

This is the course for learning not only the traditional techniques but also new ways of mixing ingredients in order to discover unusual delicious combinations and make original and innovative pizzas.