Alternative pizza courses in Naples

reinventing the tradition of pizza

Join our alternative style pizza courses. Students will be taught the master instructors’ secrets for perfect dough, a tasty topping and a baking process made by the book, getting ready for the next step: using many different kinds of ingredients to create unique combinations. In order to create perfect pizza, it is essential to know the ingredients and recognise their quality. For this reason, trainee will take not only practical lessons intended to learn the techniques and acquire the manual skill required for this profession, but also theoretical lessons on the chemical properties of the ingredients used.

the alternative pizza

The alternative style breaks with tradition, being traditional at the same time. It has sprung from innovation and the use of ingredients not traditionally employed for pizza, but it doesn’t betray its roots. It is, in fact, a product that combines the essence and the quality of the traditional pizza with originality. In order to become an expert in the art of pizza making, two requirements are necessary. First of all, since innovation starts from a comprehensive knowledge, you need to know the basis of the profession, such as how to mix topping ingredients and prepare the dough, in order to be original without leaving out quality. Secondly, it is very important to know the characteristics of the ingredients and the rules for creating a perfect blend of flavours. In fact, creating an alternative pizza does not mean that you are allowed to mix ingredients by chance or that you can just simply use different kinds of flour. Any pairing must be designed and carefully planned in order to make the final result not only original but also vey delicious. The alternative pizza is a new culinary experience that maintains the traditional quality of the product.

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