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the secrets of the most popular pizza

Join our classic style pizza courses in Naples and become an expert at the preparation of the most popular pizza in Italy. You will know the secrets of the master instructors for perfect dough, a tasty topping and a baking process made according to the book. In order to create perfect pizza, it is essential to know the ingredients and recognise their quality. For this reason, trainee will take not only practical lessons intended to learn the techniques and acquire the manual skill required for this profession, but also theoretical lessons on the chemical properties of the ingredients used.

the classic style

The classic style is the most popular way of preparing pizza in Italy and abroad. It is often mistaken for the Neapolitan pizza but they actually differ significantly. The dough of the classic pizza is made with water, flour, oil, salt and yeast and its moisture content is around 55%. Once the single portions of dough have risen, they are spread to form thin disks. For the topping, buffalo mozzarella ‒ a speciality of Campania ‒ is used by many chefs instead of the traditional one, although this is not a rule. It is mostly baked inside a wood-burning oven and generally served well-cooked and with raised rims, although it can change according to the chef’s choice or the client’s taste. It is a really appreciated type of pizza, which can be seasoned according to either the traditional recipes or more original ways.

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