Gourmet style pizza courses in Naples

the ultimate trend in pizza making

Join our gourmet style pizza courses and become an expert at the preparation of this new kind of pizza. You will know the master instructors’ secrets for perfect dough, a tasty topping and a baking process made by the book. You will learn all the skills needed for the elaboration of gourmet pizza. In order to create perfect pizza, it is essential to know the ingredients and recognise their quality. For this reason, trainee will take not only practical lessons intended to learn the techniques and acquire the manual skill required for this profession, but also theoretical lessons on the chemical properties of the ingredients used.

the gourmet pizza

The concept of gourmet pizza has become popular only recently, but it is spreading fast throughout Italy. It is a new way of preparing and tasting pizza, which employs, as in the other styles, only first quality ingredients that make pizza unique. The distinctive feature of this style is the strict use of ingredients coming from Italy. The flour must be 100% made from wheat grown and ground in our country. The dough is made with oil ‒ only extra virgin olive oil is used ‒ and fresh yeast, which obviously requires a longer leavening period compared to other recipes. As for the topping, it is essential to count on fresh seasonal products. If possible, choose the short supply chain and zero food miles products: it is better using ingredients coming from the territory where the pizza originates. When it comes to choosing and mixing first-quality ingredients in the right way, it is necessary for you to know their features. Gourmet pizza is always served by the slice instead of on the plate, in order to be shared by all the tablemates, who will be able to enjoy different tastings. So good a product must go with a drink of the same quality, such as a fine wine or beer. Pizza is a product coming from the poor tradition, but the gourmet style makes it deluxe and definitely a star of haute cuisine.

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