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the secrets of the genuine neapolitan pizza

If you join our Neapolitan style pizza courses, you will learn how to make the real Neapolitan pizza according to the original recipe. You will know the secrets of the master instructors for perfect dough, a tasty topping and a baking process made by the book. In order to create perfect pizza, it is essential to know the ingredients and recognise their quality. For this reason, trainee will take not only practical lessons intended to learn the techniques and acquire the manual skill required for this profession, but also theoretical lessons on the chemical properties of the ingredients used.

the neapolitan pizza

Preparing the real Neapolitan pizza, which must not be confused with the classic one, is a matter of knowing the recipe and the method that have been transmitted from masters to apprentices for centuries and that is now explained on the “International Procedural Guideline by the Real Neapolitan Pizza Association”. The ingredients employed for the dough are just water, salt, yeast and flour type 00 and 0. Unlike the classic pizza, no oil is added here. Once the ingredients have been kneaded, it is required a first leavening period of two hours; then, the dough must be divided in single portions and kept rising six hours more. When the leavening process is over, the dough is stretched by hand to form a disk. No rolling pin or other tools are used. As for the topping, the oil must be strictly extra virgin olive oil and it is possible to choose between buffalo mozzarella and fiordilatte cheese. It is then baked in a wood-burning oven at a temperature between 430 and 480 degrees Celsius for one or one and a half minute. At the end of baking, the real Neapolitan pizza appears rounded, with a diameter up to 35 cm, and it has raised rims and the centre covered by the topping. The centre of the pizza is around 0.4 cm high while the rim is 1 or 2 cm high and looks swollen and golden, without bubbles or burns. The consistency must be tender, elastic and easily foldable.

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